Laurence Skincare, ”The Haute Couture of Skin Treatment” is a unique retreat, specializing in a variety of services, including a very specific menu of advance skin treatment, as well as, Swedish body massage, microdermabrasion and peels.  Our forte is a very personalized service done with a large palette of upscale products.

Located in the heart of South Miami, Laurence Skincare is led by skincare specialist, Laurence Kieffer, who is a highly renowned aesthetician and skilled practitioner of numerous skin care, body care and pre/post-surgery treatments.

Born in Paris, France, Laurence’s passion for skin has been handed down for generations from her mother, who was a skin care therapist working for Doctor Darphin in Paris.  Laurence studied in the most prestigious school, Marbeuf International School of Aestehetics, Paris, France, where trained extensively with European ”style” aesthetics.  Laurence has worked with exclusive luxury skincare brands and her experience has secured partnerships with some of the most well known plastic surgeons, such as Doctor Alan Serure.