Anne Semonin Tissue Serum

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Anne Semonin Tissue Serum

Tissue Serum is formulated with sea water, rich in mineral salts and trace elements that are essential to cell life, and also contains softening rose water and gingko biloba for its stimulating and anti-free radical properties. Recommended by professionals owing to the fact that it absorbs very quickly and improves take-up by the skin of subsequently applied creams. Use at night on its own or in the morning before a cream.
It is also an excellent soothing treatment for the eye contour.


– At night, apply 5 drops of Tissue Serum to face, eye contour and throat with fingertips after cleansing skin with Botanical Milk (cleanser and make-up remover) or Mineral Mask (used like a soap) and toning with Botanical Toner or Marine Toner.

– In the morning, apply 5 drops of Tissue Serum to face and eye contour before your usual cream (Extreme Comfort Cream or Oligopure Cream or Dheanne Cream or Marine Emulsion).

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